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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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good evening, i'm julie and i'm frank. san francisco's annual carnival festivals is in trouble. rob? >> reporter: frank, an sos has
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gone out. in about an hour community leaders plan to hold a meeting. they're asking businesses and community people to come together to save these events. every year for the past 34 years, hundreds of thousands of people have been flocking to the mission to watch carnival. this year's carnival is in jeopardy. there has been talk that the celebration will be cancelled. roberto hernandez helped with carnival for many years. hernandez said they need 500 volunteers and need $170,000 in the next two months. it's unclear exactly what went wrong.
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the organization running it, the cultural arts traditions did not return our calls. the city is looking into the organization's finances. >> you review the information, review the books and you get to the bottom of what took place. >> reporter: business owners say they count on the event. >> it brings a lot of money and helps the economy. >> we want to make sure the people know the event is happening this year. >> reporter: the new organizers say it will be scaled back. >> we're not going to have 7 stages. we'll go back to the way it started. >> reporter: new organizers say they need corporate sponsors. after this year they'll work on a five year plan to keep it out of jeopardy in the future.
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ktvu learned that a man shot do death was under surveillance in a homicide. we're told the driver was a person of interest in a homicide in san jose last week. police say the driver accu celebrated toward an officer and the officer opened fire. some neighbors are questioning the use of force. >> too extreme. there are a lot of kids and people out. >> i would think they would have some precaution or back down a little bit. >> the driver died at a hospital. his name has not been released. cal train says a pedestrian was killed on the tracks this afternoon. a north bound train struck the pedestrian south of the deer don station just after 4:00 train says there
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was only one passenger on board. trains are single tracking through the area. no information on the victim's name. >> downtown businesses in oakland is upset and worryied about value vandals. someone filled every door lock and pad locks with clue. >> there is a lot of security walking around in the day time and they care and do what they can but we need somebody walking around doing something at night. >> oakland police said they received no calls from merchants. ( >> the man accused of stealing an artifact from the oakland museum, stole this jewelry box back in january. impact dates back to the
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gold rush days. if convicted he could face 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine. lawmakers introduced legislation today. they say too many offenders are ending up on the streets. a recent study shows more sex offenders are on the street since realignment took effect in 2011. >> it's causing very real problems that need very real solutions. we can not allow our communities to live in fear of criminals being released early onto the streets. >> today's proposed legislation would send offenders back to prison. a police task force arrested a bank robbery suspect for the second time today. he was releaseed fra jail because of a filing error.
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police say the bank robber placed a gun to the teller's head and stole cash on march 1. he was released from jail because the charges were not filed within a 72 hour deadline. people who owed more than their home was worth are getting good news. they are no longer under water on their mortgages. the bay area's hardest hit area is reporting. >> reporter: many homes under water a few months ago are starting to surface and some are high and dry. in january january this family bought a home. >> the opportunity people have with the market now is
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unbelievable. >> reporter: they lost 50 to 60% of peak values. many places have set up a buying binge. jeff mann specializes in under water and foreclosed properties. >> sellers are receiving 15 to 30 offers on each property. we've seen prices rice 25% to 30% on average. we got a letter saying the price of the house went up $30,000. we've already made $30,000 in profit since then. >> people who were under water are not anymore. >> reporter: many recently under water are no longer not. some who were are doing
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large scale home building again. >> people are going to start coming out of the hole. >> reporter: demand is out pacing supply supply. >> today there is probably 51, 52, 53 homes on the market. >> reporter: one in five residential properties is still under water. we have a long way to go. >> the alameda county district attorney's office is reviewing the case of a teacher that taped the hands and feet of a 2-year-old. she is accused of binding the toddler when he wouldn't take a nap. the teacher showed cell phone teachers at a party and one of the staffers happened to be the little girl's
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mother. one county is fighting domestic violence homicide. it's called zero tolerance. they are looking for assessment tools to help identify women in abusive relationships. today marks 10 years since the u.s. invasion of iraq. some are saying they've never forget the sacrifices made by the men and women who serve sour company. >> reporter: taking a look around, you can see over the years that people have left personalized messages and flags for these slain members. one and a 500,000 men and women served in the war. 10 years later this hill side in lafayette is a stark
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reminder of the loss. >> each one was a husband, son, wife, mother. >> i'm not sure anything is better off now. >> reporter: a group of iraq war veterans echoed that sentiment. >> i urge you to walk around and read the names. >> the idea that we can go to war and it be clean and safe and easy and efficient, that's not true. it's never going to be true. >> reporter: many of the veterans graham works with strag with ptsd and finding a job. >> we've got so many veterans comeing home traumatized and homeless. >> reporter: back in lafayette,
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people who live near the display of crosses reflected on what the war represents 10 years later. >> it's the loss of life. it's the damage it may have done. >> reporter: the crosses on this hill side have been here since 2006, so the last 7 years or so. as many as a million people jammed in and around vatican city today as pope francis was installed as the head of the catholic church. he arrived in an open vehicle under sunny skies. after mass he welcomed guest. it was his common touch that the bay area people like. >> i think he's very genuine in wanting to be part of the people and solve the problems we have. >> there is a bay area link to today's ceremony.
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the ring was made for pope john, he also created many of the sculptures at st. marys. go to for video. today the city's public health is offering free testing at city college. the last time they saw a spike of tuberculocis was in the 1990. tb is spread through the air from person to person when someone active coughs or sneezes. >> california has the most tuberculocis in the nation. we have more tbcases than the next two, new york and
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texas, combined. >> it attacks the lungs, chronic cough, night sweats, weight lost. it can be deadly. san jose say an officer shot and killed a dog in golden gate park. the officer was trying to wake up a homeless man yesterday afternoon when the man's dog started to bark. the officer backed off but the dog broke loose and that's when the officeer shot the dog, a pit bull mix. >> it's more wet weather for your first day of spring tomorrow. i'm monitoring that next. san francisco giant's pitcher is suing for $3 million. right after the break, a follow up to a story we told you about.
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decisions to make it easier to get a cab and why not all drivers are on board.
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city leaders in san francisco are meeting to discuss a plan to give customers real time tracks of taxi cabs. dozens of driers line driveers lined up >> why should we do that if we can just go get a pink mustache. >> advocates say it will help them compete. we'll have more details after the meeting tonight. pa lowe alto drugmaker is
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laying off. they may have to sell after they had to recall their only drug with serious side effects. 75% of the workforce is being laid off. san francisco's city attorney is calling to crack down on labeling of caffeinated drinks. a letter from scientist points to studies about the negative effects of high caffeine. they want manufacturers to include caffeine context. march madness is in full swing. loran is there. >> reporter: the first day of the big dance for st. marys, also falls during
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mid-terms. it's pretty quiet but inside it's a different story. fans say they will rice to the occasion. the spirit club spent is last few hours setting up the hall. the action is in dayton ohio tonight but the students are sending lots of love and positive energy. >> we have one of the best student sections on the west coast. i want to do my part and the student's part to help out the team, loud and proud. >> i know a lot of the players. they're great guys, work hard and play hard. i think they'll have a great game tonight. impact means a lot for the college to get national recognition. >> they're playing middle tennessee state. the winner goes onto face
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memphis on thursday. the rain is moving in right now. showers are showing up,-ening up. i have rain reports all over the bay area. some areas picking up more. let's come in real close now. you see the colors change. look at the rain and the yellow. it's a pulse that's going to slide through in about the next 45 minutes or so. at this point, when this moves inland it's going to start to make it slow going on highway 101 north and south bound. mission hip, you can see east of that area you have heavyier rain. most people now are getting real light showers. in the area of yellow you're seeing more intense
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rain. not on full speed but moderil wipers. tonight at 8:00 we see more showers. right now it's pre frontal stuff. more showers at 8:00, more showers at 9:00. a little break at 11:00 and a break overnight. we get into tomorrow morning, maybe a little wet on the commute. just after the morning commute we have this and more scattered showers at lunch time. impact ice spread out and all over the place. after that it's just more widely scattered showers. maybe scattered showers in the afternoon commute tomorrow.
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maybe a half inch of rain. it's really kind of one system but it has lots of pulses coming through, right now, in the morning and tomorrow afternoon. the forecast highs tomorrow, we're looking at 60s so that gives you an idea of the snow levels. it's a warm storm. wednesday and thursday showers happening. they're linger into the morning commute and perhaps into thursday morning and then we get a little break on the weekend when things warm up. we'll update the showers tonight as they move in and out of the area. comeing up at 7, the controversial game plan to bring the super bowl to
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santa clara. >> reporter: the nfl is asking for waivers. the vote is tonight and why some say the nfl has gone too far. join us at 7 on tv 36. we'll tell you by barry zito is suing his so- called friends. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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berkley's shape and this restaurant may remained closed. damage from fire on march 8th is much more extensive than first thought. both the restaurant and cafe could remained closed for another 3 months. san francisco giants pitcher is suing friends for $3 million. he alleges he was tricked into invested into a company where he invested
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$3 million. dot fit is the company. >> more on march madness. we were hearing about the st. mary's getting ready. >> the bay area is very men play unlv coming up. look at the last second by unlv and the bears lose by coach montgomery goes about 10 cups of crazy. this is kind of a do or die situation right now for the bears. >> there is no do every overs. we don't have a saturday game. there is no next game
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game unless we earn the right. you have to approach it with that sense of urgency. >> mean time the 49ers wasting little time addressing major needs. david acres was a major need to be replaceed. phil dodson is a new one. he knows a little something about kicking in tough weather conditions. 84% career field gold percentage. he made 29 out of 31 compare today acres at 69%. here is a shot to left that lead it is premises. you will get an example here, didn't make the shoe string catch.
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watch him react and nail the runner at second with a perfect throw. the a's took it on the short end 7-1 against the dodgers. it is at at&tpark tonight between puerto rico and the dominican republican. that's the sporting life at this early hour. >> coming up tonight on the 10:00 news tlatest effort to host the super bowl. what the nfl want santa clara to agree to. >> we're always here for you. thanks and good night. sofa... desk... you know what?


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